In rehearsal with the Mini Spots

By on June 12, 2017

We’re checking in with the Mini Spots at their latest rehearsal for A Smorgasbord of Circus – The Legends and Fairy tales edition. There’s less than 2 weeks to go until A Smorgasbord of Circus, which will showcase The Circus

Interview with Rose Chalker McGann on performing with Circus Oz

By on June 12, 2017

Kyle Raftery took some time out this week to catch up with one of The Circus Spots former students, Rose Chalker McGann, as she prepares for the Melbourne Premiere of the new Circus Oz show – Model Citizens. Rose, as

A sneak peak – In rehearsal with Tess and Bella

By on June 3, 2017

Check out this rehearsal with Tess and Bella who are performing together in the upcoming Smorgasbord of Circus.   These two have been working super hard, fine tuning and finessing their performance. You’ll be able to catch them in the

The curse of Instagram

By on May 3, 2017

It’s a harsh reality to face but there’s always someone out there that’s better than you. You may have nailed that hip lock or finally held that handstand but it only takes a quick look on your phone to go

It’s Easter already

By on April 13, 2017

2017 has gotten off to a flying start and certainly is showing no signs of slowing! Term one is officially over and our students are kicking goals in all areas. We have seen incredible improvements across the board and can’t

OMG. We’re moving house.

By on March 9, 2017

It’s finally happening. We’ve got the go ahead to relocate to our new home. From the 18th of April (the beginning of Term 2) The Circus Spot will now operate from 31 Essex street in Pascoe Vale. The new location

Are we moving? Maybe… but not yet

By on August 17, 2016

Much earlier this year, I perhaps prematurely announced our intention to relocate The Circus Spot to a bigger premises. It was very exciting. I even made a video about it. There’s been some hiccups. It’s not been a simple process.

Look at this bunch of show offs

By on July 1, 2016

At the end of Term 2 many of the students at The Circus Spot participated in a “Show off”, an informal chance to show friends family some of the skills we’ve been working on during the term. Here are some

How to do it perfectly

By on June 8, 2016

Recently I heard someone talk about circus as “Aiming to do something perfectly useless, perfectly”. I can’t quite get the idea out of my head. As a circus performer this is a very evocative way of explaining our job. The

It was super cool

By on May 11, 2016

The first time Free and I ran A Smorgasbord of Circus was in 2011*. It was super cool. We converted our training space into a makeshift theatre. We spent the night before sewing lengths of fabric together to make a