A sneak peak – In rehearsal with Tess and Bella

By on June 3, 2017

Check out this rehearsal with Tess and Bella who are performing together in the upcoming Smorgasbord of Circus.


These two have been working super hard, fine tuning and finessing their performance. You’ll be able to catch them in the Saturday show on June 24th.

There’s just 3 weeks to go until A Smorgasbord of Circus, which will showcase The Circus Spot’s students from our advanced youth and adults classes alongside acts from our coaches and other professional performers.

It’s all happening on June 23rd, 24th and 25th.

Make sure you get your tickets early as they are getting snapped up fast. Head over here for more information and to book your tickets!

I hope to see you there!

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Daniel is the Chief Executive Clown (i.e. founder and director) of The Circus Spot, with a vision that every child in Australia should be able to show off at least one circus trick! He’s slowly getting there too, having taught over 5,000 kids and adults circus skills over the last 10 years. He is a typical circus geek, always dreaming up new ways to teach a cartwheel, or plotting the next performance for our performing troupes. Prior to starting The Circus Spot, Daniel has worked in and around circus as a performer, teacher and rigger (the guy that hangs all the trapezes). His signature circus trick was balancing on one leg on a slackrope (like a tightrope, but very loose), and then proceeding to use his spare foot to kick cups and cutlery high in the air to land in a bowl balanced on his head! This cool trick may have taken 4 years to perfect, but gave Daniel a chance to perform with a variety of companies such as Circus Quirkus, ThowDown, Circus Oz, the traditional family circus Circus Royale, Dislocate Physical Theatre and even supporting the rock band The Dresden Dolls.