Where to from here? How kids progress through the youth classes at The Circus Spot.

By on December 2, 2014


As The Circus Spot has grown and developed, so have all of our students. In order to keep challenging them and developing their skills, we’ve created classes specifically structured to challenge at different stages of learning.

Our Circus 101 classes are the starting point for budding school aged acrobats. Circus 101 is the perfect style of class for the majority of kids at The Circus Spot. Having a go and being active takes precedence in Circus 101, and most kids are happily challenged in this group for several terms or more. None-the-less, The Circus Spot’s coaches are sensitive to the need to challenge all kids, and during these sessions students are usually split up into groups based on their experience and ability. We run two versions of Circus 101, a one hour session for Prep – 8 year olds and a 1.5 hour session for 9 – 12 year olds. Students in Circus 101 for prep to 8 year olds move on to the 9 – 12 year old class once they are old enough.

For kids who develop a more serious case of the circus bug, and have met a criteria based on skill, commitment and attitude; the Circus Extra classes are the next step. These sessions build on the basic skills that were learnt in Circus 101. The teaching style changes slightly and more time is spent on refining the specifics of technique and form. This means a lot more repetition and increased discipline, which is a healthy challenge for those enrolled in Circus Extra. Towards the end of each term the Circus 101 coaches will asses and make recommendations for appropriate students to move to a Circus Extra class. We try to be pro-active and make sure parents are notified as soon as a student is ready to move to a more appropriate class.

From Circus Extra, and for those who are able to commit more time to their circus training, there are the three performing troupes – Mini Spots (Kids aged 6 – 10 years), Serious Tweens (10 years and up) and Little Spots (our senior performing troupe for 10 year olds and up). The Little Spots troupe train up to 4 times a week, while the Mini Spots and Serious Tweens train between 2 and 3 times a week.

Of course not forgetting Tiny Tops! These classes are run for kinder aged kids. These fun, hour long sessions are based on age (there are classes for both 3 year olds and 4 – 5 year olds). When Tiny Tops move on and start their big first year in school, the Circus 101 classes can provide a space of familiarity, giving new ‘preppies’ a chance to mix with the ‘big kids’.

Recently we’ve introduced a session called “Intro to Circus” which we run periodically. These are a free once off classes for new students, and I always enjoy running them. The class goes for 90 minutes and is open to kids who are in prep all the way up to 12 years old. An awesome part about teaching this class is seeing new students who may be apprehensive about trying circus discover that they can get up on a trapeze and it’s easy and fun too!

If you know someone who may be interested in an Intro to Circus class, please direct them to the Intro to Circus page on our website where they can check out when the next session is scheduled and book a place!

For an overview of the progression through classes, click on the handy flow chart below!


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Daniel is the Chief Executive Clown (i.e. founder and director) of The Circus Spot, with a vision that every child in Australia should be able to show off at least one circus trick! He’s slowly getting there too, having taught over 5,000 kids and adults circus skills over the last 10 years. He is a typical circus geek, always dreaming up new ways to teach a cartwheel, or plotting the next performance for our performing troupes. Prior to starting The Circus Spot, Daniel has worked in and around circus as a performer, teacher and rigger (the guy that hangs all the trapezes). His signature circus trick was balancing on one leg on a slackrope (like a tightrope, but very loose), and then proceeding to use his spare foot to kick cups and cutlery high in the air to land in a bowl balanced on his head! This cool trick may have taken 4 years to perfect, but gave Daniel a chance to perform with a variety of companies such as Circus Quirkus, ThowDown, Circus Oz, the traditional family circus Circus Royale, Dislocate Physical Theatre and even supporting the rock band The Dresden Dolls.